Thursday, January 17, 2013

Day 17: Death + a Thank You

Today I learned...
...that death can mean so much more than pain and tears...that it can in fact be the best gift of all. At hospice, I met a dear, sweet, very elderly woman with one specific wish: to dance with her husband again. He has been dead for several years and she is more than ready to be with him. She has no regrets, no unfinished business, and no worries. She loved her life and she embraces its final chapter. Death has escaped her these last few days, though she is very weak and very ill. At her extreme age, it's amazing her body has held up through her terminal illness. She longs to die and this makes me happy, not sad. I mean it when I say that I hope she will be dancing with her husband very soon.

Today I am thankful for...
...the chance to tell a particular person that something she suggested changed my life for the better. By chance, this particular woman (whom I first met in October) popped into my life today and I was able to thank her sincerely as well as marvel at the full circle beauty that has since transpired.

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