Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Day 1: Mothers + Sleds

And here we are... the first day of a brand new project: Project Positive Thinking. 

I am thankful for the year behind me and ready to embrace the year ahead of me.

Today I learned...
...that you are never too old to need your mother. I spent the afternoon with mine and I really needed it.

Today I am thankful for...
...Rick buying me a sled at a toy store. At 28 years old, I have never been sledding. A travesty, I know....yet it's true. I have never been sledding and he is going to take me this winter.

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Jacquelineand.... said...

That sounds like wonderful fun, enjoy your sledding experience!

This is (another) good idea and I hope you'll allow me to join in and follow along. I already post a daily 'Good Thing' on my blog but one can't keep too positive.