Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Day 22: Eyesight + Health

Today I learned...
...that when my eyeglasses prescription changes, I need to update my lenses. Forget money, forget hassle, forget my justification that I wear contacts 75% of the time... An old prescription = headaches because my eyes aren't seeing the way they should. I picked up my new (nerd chic) glasses tonight and besides the fact that they are delightfully cute, I CAN SEE. It made me realize how insufficient the ones I had been wearing were. My poor eyes. Yikes. Hear that, Arielle of the future? New prescription = time for new lenses. Learn your lesson.

Today I am thankful for...
...my health, and specifically my immune system. Rick has the stomach virus that everyone and their mother seems to have. He went home sick from work after throwing up. He looks atrocious and is doing nothing but moaning and sleeping. And here I am, perfectly healthy and typing away on a blog. You might say, "Don't speak to soon!" but by being grateful for my stellar immune system I am garnering more and more health. I can say, "I hope I don't get sick! What if I get sick and miss work/internship/class/etc etc etc?" or I can say, "THANK YOU, body, for keeping me healthy in this moment. I am so glad I am not sick like Rick is right now." I choose the latter. Obviously. This is Project Positive Thinking, people. ;-)

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