Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Day 43: Wegmans + Emails

Today I learned...
...that I miss grocery shopping! Rick and I always did our grocery shopping at Wegmans on Saturdays and since I always work on Saturdays these days, he does the errands. I haven't been grocery shopping in weeks. I went this afternoon to pick up a few things for the house and a few things for the graduate school student body (I'm President of the Student Association). Walking in there, purchasing my coffee, and perusing the aisles was like...exciting!

Today I am thankful for...
...great email conversations with my friend, Jenn. You know you have a good friend when Facebook messenger is down and you are horribly disappointed, because you were all set to write to her and she to you!


Anonymous said...

You are a great writer but something I have noticed while reading your posts: we ALL know you are in grad school at this point. You can just call them "papers" and not "grad papers." You can call it "school" and not "grad school." No one is going to assume that you are still in high school or college. It's a little excessive.

Arielle Lee Bair said...

Anon - I agree that it can seem excessive, but I do it for 2 reasons:
1) for searches, I want my posts to show up when people look for blogs re: "grad school" because I often talk about my MSW and the lessons I've learned. If I just say school always, the same people won't get directed to my blog.
2) you'd be surprised how many people think I not 28 years old when they go to my blog for the first time or see me on YouTube. I get messages from people thinking I am 18 or 19. Not everyone who reads my blogs know me or are aware I am finishing grad school.

Thanks for your comment - I'll be more aware. :-)