Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Day 36: Surprise Sincerity + a Nomination

Today I learned...
...that a lot of people really look forward to the letters I leave for strangers that I post about on Mondays. Multiple people have stopped me throughout my day on a Monday to ask me excitedly where I left my letter. Multiple people have told me that my Letters on Monday is one good thing about Mondays now! Multiple people have thanked me for doing it, because it inspires them or makes them feel good. And multiple people have told me that they pretend the letters I leave for strangers (and then post) are for them.

All of this makes me so happy. And yet, I am surprised every time I learn about another person who is waiting for the announcement of the next letter. It's such a learning experience. I am surprised by the sincerity and straightforwardness with which people approach me about this. I am taken aback when they express excitement or eagerness and ARE NOT AFRAID TO SAY SO OUT LOUD. I love that. And yes, I will always tell you where I left my Monday letter - though you may have to wait until it appears on Facebook or my personal blog. And yes, it IS one good thing about Mondays now! That's part of the point. I like to put a positive spin on things that aren't always seen so positively. And yes, I love to inspire and make you feel good. You can do what I'm doing. I'm not special. :-) And yes, the letters are as much for YOU as they are for the people who find them. That's the reason why I post photos of the actual letters I leave instead of just saying that I left another letter. If you read it and it speaks to you, take it to heart. It's for you.

Today I am thankful for...
...the nomination for the Love Warrior 2013 award. The EDRS (Eating Disorder Recovery Support, Inc.) nominated 5 women and I am honored to be among them, because quite frankly, they all rock! The winner will be announced at their annual conference on Feb 7th in California. I was invited to the event, but unfortunately due to cost of travel and crazy schedule, had to decline. Regardless of outcome, I am so appreciative for the recognition and the thanks. I feel so blessed these last few weeks!

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