Saturday, February 9, 2013

Day 40: My Message + Nana

Today I learned...
...that I knew EXACTLY what I wanted to say to girls out there. While I was busy writing papers this morning, I received an email from someone asking for advice on how to talk to a 12 year old girl about body dissatisfaction, comparisons to others, and negative self-worth. It got me thinking - like REALLY thinking - so I filmed an 8 minute video, specifically for girls. You know...those wonderful little creatures who grow up to be women. I couldn't even continue what I was doing until I made this video. Do you have a daughter? A grand-daughter? A niece? A little sister? A student? If there is any girl in your life, this is what I want to tell her. This is what she needs to hear. It's not even really about eating disorders. It's about self-love. It's about life. 

Today I am thankful for...
...being able to celebrate my Nana's birthday with her. Most of the family went out to dinner tonight and it was nice to just look at my grandmother from across the table, sitting there in her red shirt and her salt and pepper hair, and just smile...and watch her smile back.

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